A Return

Hello out there to those checking in on me and my blog. It’s been a long time and I think I’m ready to continue telling my story. I will type a longer update when it isn’t 9:15pm. But the short one is this: I have taken the summer and the foreseeable future to see if… Continue reading A Return

Beta Hell…again

My second beta only rose 63%. So essentially the same as last time. I can’t even express how sad and terrified I am that things could be repeating just like last time. I’m not going in until Wednesday for next results, but I’m bracing myself for the worst. 

Beta #1

Beta #1 is in….113! Little lower than what I was expecting (last time first one was 225) but doctor likes to see over 50. So still hitting that mark. I’m still on edge. I woke up with some pinkish bleeding this morning. I immediately started crying. I showed my nurse at my appointment an image of… Continue reading Beta #1